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Portfolio 1

Exquisite Lifestyle with Japanese Seasoning full-stack developer / since Sep 2021 / web development & maintenance The Story 日本百年經典調味佐料,小日子,飲食就是你我的療癒儀式。精緻生活,不須昂貴,日系風味百元好入手。日日,都比平凡再好上一點。佐料,再為心情添上新風味。

Tah Shi Nan

Portfolio 2

Food Trading with Integrity & Trust full-stack developer / since Jun 2020 / web development & maintenance The Story 大西南貿易有限公司創始於1974年,深耕大稻埕迄今46年。初期以進口大宗南北貨、農水產品起家,供應全台量販系統和盤商銷售。由於商品質優、貨源穩定且遞送快速,大西南享譽業界,遙獲日本S&B株式會社肯定,開啟長期代理合作關係近20年,也是國內連鎖量販、零售通路合作10年以上的重要供應商;更針對台灣特殊飲食習慣,研發市面唯一日本原裝,不含五辛、無蛋、無奶的「純素食咖哩塊」,隆獲消費者好評。 如今,大西南銷售全台最完整的咖哩及其相關調味料組合,代理業績連年維持全球前三名。未來更展望以堅強的行政/商化/業務團隊、線上線下行銷策略實力、長期培植的餐飲通路人脈,打造進口-鋪貨-銷售一條龍服務,同時開發符合在地喜好的獨家商品;並開拓餐飲顧問服務,從原料諮詢到建議餐點品項、價格成本計算,直至售後提供最新食品快訊、協助開發新菜單,滿足全國餐飲業者創業、轉型、研發需求。 數十年來,大西南以「安心」為宗旨,「誠信」為原則,不斷引進優質商品、改進服務品質;今後仍將本著初衷,傾聽市場需求與期待,竭誠為台灣消費者提供最全面的餐飲服務!

WordCamp Taipei 2019

Portfolio 3

Meet People, Meet the World. lead organizer / 6 month / web development, event planning The Story WordCamp Taipei 2019 completed with huge success on 28th December 2019 at GIS NTU Convention Center in Taipei. WordCamp is an inclusive and welcoming event hosted for all the WordPress users of any kind. Our Story Together This …

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Global Intellivestor Academy

Portfolio 4

From Zero to Hero full-stack developer / since Sep 2018 / web development & maintenance The Story GIA 環球智慧投資學院 (Global Intellivestor Academy) 由新加坡選擇權權威 – 陳漢源教練一手創辦。學院採取靈活多樣的培訓手段,所有課程都以『實戰教學』為主,確保學員結業後具備能力在真實平台上操作交易。 課程首重實際案例教學,讓學員們能夠在真實的市場環境下,通過理論和實踐精密結合,在短的時間內,以最高效的方式快速掌握投資所必需的系統基礎知識,並累積各項實戰操作技能,為未來投資建立堅實基礎。

WordCamp Taipei 2018

Portfolio 5

One Big Step of Taiwan WordPress Community organizer & developer / 1 month / web development, event communication, registration Our Story Together WordPress Community in Taiwan has grown a lot in the past few months. Regular meetups are hosted monthly in Taipei and Taichung. Meetup organizers believe it was time to host a WordCamp and …

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Ivy Collegiate Academy

Portfolio 6

Educating Tomorrow’s Leaders full-stack developer / Dec 2016 to Oct 2021 / web development & maintenance The Story Ivy Collegiate Academy is a coeducational college preparatory day and boarding school enrolling students in grades 7-12. ICA is modeled after some of the best boarding schools in the United States and Canada. Located in the suburbs …

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Portfolio 7

Beauty Learning Platform full-stack developer / since Nov 2016 / web development & maintenance The Story Lably is an online streaming and on demand professional training platform for beauty creatives to learn from real industry professionals. Lably works closely with beauty artists, to create a community that embraces sharing with others only to raise the …

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Portfolio 8

Japanese Nail Art full-stack developer / since Feb 2015 / web development & maintenance The Story Neiru is a Japanese nail art online learning platform founded by Jasmine Oshima, a Japanese Nailist Association Certified nail artist and instructor. Subscribe to membership and get the latest Japanese nail art tutorials, techniques, and styles weekly with HD …

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Focal Upright Furniture

Portfolio 9

Award-Winning Ergonomic Office Furniture full-stack developer / 3 months / web development The Story Focal Upright empowers you to break free from your sedentary lifestyle, embrace your humanity and add a little play into your day, as well. The human body evolved to move throughout the day. The human mind evolved to be creative through …

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Portfolio 10

Economic Development Agency full-stack developer / 4 months / web development The Story The Rhode Island Commerce Corporation is the full-service, official, economic development organization for the state of Rhode Island. A quasi-public agency, the corporation serves as a government and community resource to help streamline the business expansion in, and relocation to, Rhode Island. …

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